ICMFS Conference 2023 Maldives

Dr. S.M Balaji’s Message

Dr SM Balaji
Dr SM Balaji

Congress President

32nd World Congress of ICMFS

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The International College of Maxillofacial Surgery (ICMFS) meets are always about exchanging knowledge and be inspired by the progress of research in our field. At the end of each meeting we always go back with new ideas and fresh motivation to realize innovations that make sense for our patients. Evidence-based concepts in surgery and virtual planning for almost all reconstructive procedures on the facial skeleton have become standard within the last few years. It is undoubtedly fascinating to see how our specialty evolves continuously and steadily, even if we often think we have already achieved the end of an evolution. It is the spark of science that leads us to new achievements for our patients and nowhere else can we experience that spirit better than at our congresses. 

Now our next meeting is just around the corner and I am happy to assure you that this 32nd Congress of the ICMFS will be an absolute scientific delight. Also, the year marks the 50th year since inception of the college. This is indeed a time of celebration and introspection of our science.

For this remarkable event, the best OMF surgeons, the most experienced clinicians and the most innovative scientists and researchers from all over the world will present their results in their keynote lectures at Maldives. At the symposia only speakers with huge expertise will present their concepts and methods and bring the audience up to date with the latest developments in their specific fields of expertise. I am particularly pleased that not only the guest societies from the European countries but, also those from other countries will arrive at Maldives. 

I am pleased to welcome you all to our forthcoming great scientific congress and to a spectacular event of ICMFS in one of the most beautiful places in the world: 

Facing the future – together at Male, Maldives!

Dr SM Balaji